Finding it difficult to recycle in your estate/complex - We at Safe Waste solutions make it easier than ever to recycle with our single bag recycling program. Partnening with Safe Waste Solutions ensures that all your recycling is done correctly reducing your waste to landfill.

 We invite all residential estate residents to join our campaign "Zero to Landfill".

The benefits of Safe Waste Solutions collecting in your estate:

Our collection service runs consistently, regardless of Public Holidays with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (alternative arrangements will be made).

We supply residents with clear plastic bags and an information leaflet on what can be recycled.

No sorting is necessary as all grades of recyclables go into one bag.

Our Recycling vehicles collect all grades of recyclables, including paper, plastic, cans, and glass, as well as all forms of e-Waste, large appliances, and moving boxes.

Residents need only to place their bags outside their homes on collection day next to your municpal bin and we will collect.